How to Win Back Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend – Make Yourself Irresistible

How to win back your boyfriend or girlfriend is a very common question and unfortunately is said too much. We have all been through this including me. But why do we lose our loved ones? and how can we win back our boyfriend or girlfriends?Reasons for girlfriends losing boyfriends Here are the top three reasons of why girlfriends dump boyfriends: 1. Lack of Communication In all relationships communication is very important. Without communication or a lack of it could very easily cause an end to a relationship. Therefore this is seen one of the main reasons for boyfriends breaking up with their girlfriends.2. Women Become Demanding Girlfriends can also become more and more demanding in a relationship. I will just point out that not all women are like this. The demand of a girlfriend can lead them to try and control the relationship which can include the boyfriend as well. Rules and limits can be put in place for their boyfriends. Girlfriends can frequently give the boyfriend a rough time about them hanging out with their friends, what they watch on T.V. and working late, etc…Many boyfriends will tolerate this behavior. Unfortunately their are many who wont and will eventually get fed up with it, and end the relationship. This is then seen as the reason for the break up.3. Being Too Reliant On Men There are many occurrences of a girlfriend becoming too clingy, needy, and reliant on their boyfriend. The occasional act of the “damsel in distress” can be tolerated but not too often. Thee are many boyfriends who like playing the role of “hero.” Unfortunately this can taken too far and become annoying. Most boyfriends prefer a girlfriend who is independent, and can make her own decisions.However, some girlfriends insist that their boyfriend spends all their free time with her. But too create a healthy relationship then it is good practice to have lives outside the relationship. If the girlfriend makes the boyfriend the center of her life then this can become obsessive and push the boyfriend away causing an end to the relationship.Reasons for boyfriends losing girlfriends1. Feel unappreciated. All girlfriends need to feel appreciated or valued and if for some reason they dont feel this for a period of time then it can become upsetting and end the relationship . She needs to feel wanted and see herself fitting into your life and be confident about herself in your presence. More often than not couples will take each other for granted which results in a loss of appreciation of each other for there efforts. This might just be the reason for your question – “How to win back your boyfriend or girlfriend?”2. Laziness. Relationships can become boring when the couple become lazy. The relation needs to have a spark and ket alive. But if your partner which can be usually the boyfriend becomes ‘stuck in a rut’ then they carry on with life with the same things everyday. Whereas it is the girlfriend that usually likes the relationship to be alive and upbeat. If the fire in the relationship dies down it can only lead towards the worse outcome.Relationships should initiate with fun and excitement. There is so much to pick up about your partner that every day feels like a new adventure.But if you’ve got into a rut of sameness with your girlfriend this is a likely cause towards the end of a relationship.3. Arguing: One of the major reasons that causes split ups. If you arguing becomes constantly in a relationship then it will only get worse. If arguing starts to get more frequent then it needs to be stopped because it is like a little flame which can turn into a wildfire very quickly. Once it is like a wildfire then it can become hard to calm down causing the couple to breakup.If you can change or sort out the problems that caused the relationship to end then you’re considerably on your way to winning back your ex.How to win back your boyfriend or girlfriend and not lose them in the futureWhat if you could win back your girlfriend or even better reduce the risk of both of you dumping each other. Do you want to win back your boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you want that loving feeling back? and Do you want to have a happy relationship with the one you love?I know you do and doesn’t everyone so read more and put your love life back on the path to happiness.

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